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The Only Red Rug You'll Ever Need

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

And it is super cheap! That's right, the perfect Amazon red rug that doesn't make you sweat with buyers remorse!

Y'all were loving this red rug when I posted it in my IG stories, so I thought heck why not make a quick blog post and share how to purchase this beauty with the world. I've been into red rugs a lot lately. While everyone is deep into Farmhouse love, I'm feeling more chinoiserie chic for our new home. Built in 1865 it needs a touch of fun while also a strong nod to the past. But with two young boys, I need something DURABLE. I'm putting that in caps to truly emphasis that I can't have anything in my home that doesn't keep up with our lifestyle. After picking out two red rugs for our Airbnb cabin rental in St. Charles, MO that have held up so well, I knew it was exactly what was needed for their shared bedroom.

Sure, I could have made the beds up just a wee bit more or styled the photos, but this girl had a laundry list of to-do items before we left for Disney World and...well you know the rest.

Pros: Super soft, thick, and light cool blue-green tones to contrast the heaviness of the red. Plus, at under $250 for an 8 x 10 rug I could just hug it!

Cons: Nothing yet :)

Purchase it on Amazon HERE

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